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Concrete Removed / Replaced

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We at Pro Dry Waterproofing NJ understand that removing and replacing concrete can be one heck of a mess. It’s heavy, bulky and dirty. Since Pro Dry Waterproofing NJ specializes in foundation work and waterproofing, we offer a great concrete removal and replacement service! We take care of the heavy load of concrete removal while directing the waste to a concrete recycling facility. There they process the removed concrete to be used later in other projects. We make it easy to do repairs on your homes foundation, especially if it requires the removal and replacement of concrete.

There are three main concerns customers have that require a team concrete removal and replacement experts to be brought in; Property Damage, Landfill costs, and Risk of Injury. Pro Dry Waterproofing NJ has got you covered on all fronts regarding these concerns as we assure our customers that no property damage will take place. We hull out all concrete that was broken apart. Once we take the concrete that was demolished, you have no other costs regarding landfills, disposal or transportation. Our team of expert handle it all. Since we make sure to take care of all the heavy lifting, we greatly reduce the risk of injury that comes with concrete removal. If you need concrete removal and replacement done in your home or place of business, contact Pro Dry Waterproofing NJ today!